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I-Coffee Home Coffee Bean Roaster NEW S-100CR 2013 Model

$55.95 - $424.95

The new 2013 model of the Korean made I-Coffee roaster is now avialable to Australian home roasters! 

The machine now features an LED roast timer. The maximum roast time is 30 minutes (including the 3 minute warm up phase and 9 minute auto cool down cycle). 

(International Buyers: this is an Australian approved machine with an Australian power plug and runs on 220 Volts. Please email us first before you order)

The I-Coffee is a very simple coffee roaster to introduce you to the fine arts of home roasting. The machine roasts between 150 and 200 grams of green coffee beans per batch. Very simple to control- you simply select a roast setting from 1 to 12 on the dial on the front. The maximum setting of 12 will have a total roast time of 30 minutes. Roast setting 1 will be 19 minutes. The roast has three phases:

* Warm Up Pre-Heat Phase - this lasts for 3 minutes. During this period the LED timer display makes a spinning motion. 

* Roasting Phase - once the 3 minutes pre-heat phase ends the machine will beep and the LED timer will start counting down the roast duration. At setting 12 it will start at 27 Minutes.

*Cool Down Phase- when the roast timer reaches 9 minutes, the machine will beep, a LED light will begin to flash and the cool cycle will begin. The cool cycle is gradual and the beans will continue to roast into this period. The temperature will gradually decline.


As you learn to roast coffee you will learn about 'first' and 'second' 'crack'. These are sounds the coffee beans make whilst they roast (first crack is similar to popcorn popping, second crack is more subtle and 'snappy' sounding). These sounds tell you how the roast is going. A light roast will usually finish around first crack- a medium roast will finish a minute or more after that and a medium/dark roast can be taken into- or just beyond second crack. By learning how to identify these sounds you will be able to easily produce your favorite roast type over and again. The trick to good roasting is to understand that the roast will continue as the beans cool down, and then learning to time each roast correctly to get the desired level. With the I-Coffee this is quite easy: the machine operates quietly. This allows you to hear the subtle cracking sounds the beans make. The I-Coffee also features a large glass viewing dome. This means you can also closely watch the beans and see exactly how the roast is progressing. 

Additionally for more demanding home roasters there is an optional accessory Bean Cooling fan (now included with every roaster for FREE!). Using this you can end a roast whenever you want, by holding down the power button to stop the roaster, and remove the hot beans easily and safely to cool them outside of the machine very rapidly stopping the roast just where you want it. Alternatively you can learn to use the I-Coffee's inbuilt automatic cooling cycle to cool the beans more slowly. You can always start the cool cycle early during the roast phase by pressing the power button once.

The I-Coffee roaster features an innovative and unique after-burner (the metal shrouded part mounted at the rear of the machine) which safely removes almost all of the smoke created when roasting coffee beans by burning these fumes at high temperatures. This means that the roaster can actually be used indoors (though we recommend that the machine be used in well ventilated rooms, the ideal place is under or near a range hood in the kitchen). When cooling the beans externally (with the bean cooling accessory) some smoke can escape when the beans are transferred to the cooler (though usually not much). The machine also has a very smart chaff catching system that easily and effectively catches and separates the unwanted 'chaff' that is produced from the beans as they roast.

Roasting your own Beans at home is a lot of fun, and is quite easy to learn. In addition to saving money when buying coffee- you can be sure that you will have the freshest possible Roasted Beans- and this ensures that you can make the best coffee possible right at home. Green coffee beans can be stored for many months, even years. Purchased in bulk they cost one third or less what roasted coffee can cost. Also when you roast your own you can be absolutely sure that you have the freshest possible coffee. This is key to making world class espresso. 

 However roasting coffee is a hands on hobby. Coffee beans roast quite quickly- especially towards the end of the roast- and you should always stay near the machine when it is roasting.  Occasionally small stones or very small or broken coffee beans can cause the roaster to stop suddenly. In this case the machine beeps and stops automatically to prevent any damage to the motor. Simply remove the pot- shake to settle the beans- replace and restart. The roast should continue as normal. If it stops again remove the coffee and examine it for stones, broken beans, etc.  For this reason try and avoid very small, or rough and broken low quality green coffee beans. These can be roasted but may cause some stoppages.