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"La Pavoni" Stradivari SPL Professional (16 cup)


After the success of the Europiccola (1961) and Professional (1974), comes the Stradivari (2005). La Pavoni’s 100th anniversary model represents the third collaboration between la Pavoni and industrial designer Carlo Gallizi. The design inspiration was drawn from the works of world famous violin maker Antonio Stradavari from Cremona, Italy! The base resembles the outline of a violin case and the lever draws its form from the bow – a true work of art! This is a espresso machine for those appreciating both form and function and will inspire you every morning for years and years to come!

The la Pavoni Stradivari features a larger 16-cup boiler, on-demand steaming and a dual steaming system. The Stradivari includes the redesigned 52mm brew head and portafilter handle (almost 10% larger than before) for improved performance and extraction. The portafilter is made of chrome plated brass. In keeping with the clean lines, the power switch is incorporated in the front la Pavoni badge. The boiler is ready to brew espresso in about six minutes.

Steam for frothing is always available, with no wait time, on the Stradivari – an advantage even the common home single boiler electric pump machine can’t match! The Stradivari comes with two milk frothing options – the traditional wand with 3-hole frothing tip, and the new simple-to-use auto frothing “cappuccinatore” system which is installed via a quick connect coupling. This draws milk directly out of a milk container and allows for continuous filling of cups with frothed milk. This is a handy feature allowing multiple milk-based drinks to be made effortlessly.

To brew espresso, one raises the lever handle which lifts the piston which in turn allows pressurized boiler water to fill the piston cylinder and come into contact with the espresso grounds. Slowly lowering the lever then forces the water through the espresso grounds. Up to 6 generous espressos can be realistically made at one time on the 8 cup Stradavari. The design incorporates the best of modern technology such as a nickel plated non-corrosive brass boiler and long life stainless element. The boiler temperature is controlled with a pressurestat for quick and accurate response. The boiler will cycle on and off consistently and is set to maintain boiler pressure between .7 bar and 1 bar of pressure.

The exterior is polished triple plated chrome. The chrome plating can be periodically cleaned with soap and water, or glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

New 52mm Millennium group piston and portafilter (takes a 51mm tamper)
1.6 litre boiler capacity.
Smooth lever piston action for simplicity and reliability.
Dual milk frothing systems: “Cappuccinatore” and traditional steam wand.
Safety valve on top of the boiler.
Boiler water level gauge.
Easy clean drip tray.
Internal thermostat monitors brewing temperature with reset thermostat.
Makes one or two cups at a time.
Long life stainless steel heating elements.
ETL listed, nickel-plated, solid brass boiler.

Technical Details:
Boiler Capacity: 1.6 litres.
Boiler Pressure: 0.7 – 1.0 bar with boiler pressure gauge, pressurestat controlled.
Brass Components: Steam valve, boiler (nickel plated inside), portafilter-holder, steaming wand
Controls: Main power switch (front logo) power indicator light and Steam control knob
Dimensions: 320mm H x 200mm W x 290mm D (12.6” H x 7.9” W x 11.5” D)
Drip Tray: Black plastic with stainless grill plate
Included Accessories: Single and double stainless steel filter baskets, portafilter, tamper.
Power: 1000 Watts – 240 Volts
Steam Accessories: Traditional steam wand, quick-connect “cappuccinatore” system
Steam Capacity: 10 minutes continuous (factory rating)
Weight: 7.3 Kg.
Made in ITALY.