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Set Of 2 Star Filters For Sorrentina and Atomic Coffee Makers


This is a brand new set of small and large filters for your vintage Italian made Atomic coffee makers and modern La Sorrentina coffee machines. These are replicas of the original Robbiati design- they have the star pattern holes and identical size as the most popular filter baskets (may not have the same number of holes- we never counted them). Will fit on all the original Atomic machines. Absolutely brand new- guaranteed perfect- or your money back.

We stock the full range of reproduction replacement parts suitable for the Atomic style machine. We are happy to quickly answer any questions about your machine or your restoration project- or to hear any news or stories about these wonderful old coffee machines.

The Atomic coffee machine came in well over 10 variations over 38 years. These parts fits all known models perfectly: Stella, La Table, La Cara, La Sorrentina, Sears Roebuck and more.