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Hot Coffee and Atomic Links


New Zealand Site. Fantastic little website with a wealth of information about vintage Atomics.


UK site. Great little Atomic Coffee historical site- recently updated with new and fascinating material- a must see for any collector of atomic coffee makers.

Orphan Espresso

USA site. Home Lever Espresso Machine Parts. Many goodies here: rare parts for wonderful machines. Keywords: Caravel, Pavoni, Faema, Cimbali, Olympia, Gaggia, Peppina, Cremina.


Australian Site. Buy Green coffee beans online here and experience one of the worlds most vibrant coffee related online forums. Got a coffee question? Ask it here and get answers FAST! Focusing mainly on home roasting and sharing ideas and experiences.

Bean Scene Magazine

Australian site. “To educate, inform and promote the very best of the coffee culture to a growing community of coffee lovers.” Fantastic site and magazine.

La Caffettiera Online

Italian Site. Incredible collection of vintage coffee machines including many Atomic type coffee makers from over the years- well worth a look.


USA Site. Discussion forums, espresso machine reviews, how-to resources, resources and news for the home espresso enthusiast.

Enrico Maltoni’s Collection

Italian Site. The super star of the coffee machine collecting world. Such wonderful macchina da caffe…

Crema Magazine

Australia Site. Crema Magazine is a cafe culture magazine devoted to coffee, travel, lifestyle and the Australian cafe scene.

The Coffee Directory

Netherlands? A “small” collection of pointers to all things coffee, espresso, brewing gear, etc. Basically everything from bean to machine. ’Course, as in any such collection, some of these links may no longer be up to date & pointing to vacant space.

Coffee Quality Institute

USA site. The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is a non-profit organization working internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of the people who produce it.

Oxfam: Where to buy Fair Trade Coffee in Australia

Find out where you can buy or have a cup of Fairtrade coffee locally.


USA site. Coffee Beans, Coffee Chat, Coffee Talk and Java Lounge

Coffee Research Org.

USA site. Very informative site about all things related to coffee beans.

Talk About Coffee

USA Site. Great site for all things coffee.


Buy your classic Atomic espresso thongs, tee-shirts or boxers here… Yes that’s right- atomic jockstraps…
USA Site – The Online Store For Quality Espresso Makers & Coffee Accessories!

Francesco Ceccarelli
Italian Site. Dedicated to the famous La Pavoni Europiccola and Proffesional espresso machines. Francesco has now branched out into the world of lever espresso machines. Manuals, history, hints, and more. Brilliant site.

Caffettiere e macchine da caffè
Italian site of Lucio Del Piccolo. A great collector and lover of coffee machines.