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AKIRA Cotton Cloth Filter Cone Pourover 'Neru?' and Holder Set ~1-2 Cup~


This has to be one of the simplest, most portable, and cheapest methods of making coffee there is. Yet the pourover drip filter can also produce some of the finest, cleanest coffee brews out there. In Japan and South East Asia this type of coffee maker is extremely popular and has been raised to an art form.

One simply places fresh ground coffee into the filter cone and slowly pours hot water over the grinds letting the coffee extract drip through. You can brew straight into a mug. The brew is very clean as the cotton cloth keeps all the grinds from entering the cup.

This set is simple, yet nicely made- it features a wooden handle and fine quality cloth filter. This is the smaller one to two cup model. Included is the holder and one cloth filter.

Replacement filters are readily available direct from sorrentinacoffee. The original filter can be re-used many times.

In fact- this method is sooo super easy- even a one foot high robot can make a great cup: