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Bellina Uno SCA 2/3 Cup Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker


This is a superbly made Coffee Syphon (siphon). The SCA-3 model has some ergonomic enhancements over traditional designs: a simple mechanism allows the base coffee jug to easily be removed for serving the coffee. When removed from the machine the base sits nicely on the inverted lid of the brewer. Meanwhile post brewing the top brew chamber can be placed in a holder on the back of the base of the machine. This has a clever little ‘bowl’ that catches any drips from the coffee grinds. The base of the machine is made of sturdy metal and the glass is made of high quality heat resistant glass (like Pyrex brand glass). The machine is made primarily for the Japanese and Taiwanese market and has only just become available in Australia.

Siphon or Vacuum brewing is undergoing a renaissance in the modern era. Early last century- long before the advent of modern espresso machines- vacuum brewing was very common worldwide, in fact the idea dates back as far as the 1830’s. Today it is has remained popular in SE Asia. In Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Japan you will find vacuum coffee bars with wonderful rows of vacuum machines in constant service. Try a cup of siphon coffee and you will immediately see why: for coffee lovers and connoisseurs the siphon brewer offers a cup of coffee of unparalleled quality. A clean, crisp, sediment free brew that showcases the full range of flavors in the coffee. Crisp and pure- siphon coffee makes a refreshing change to the brute strength and concentration of espresso.

The beauty of the vacuum process is that the coffee is brewed by extended contact with water at exactly the right brewing temperature, the temperature is maintained throughout the process, and then the coffee is immediately separated from the grounds. The re-useable cotton filter ensures that the resulting brew is very clear- and far superior to the muddy, under-brewed, cold coffee from a French press. Not only does it produce perfect coffee at the ideal temperature- vacuum brewing is a real joy to watch and coffee can be brewed right at the table.

This brewer comes complete with a measuring spoon and a glass alcohol wick burner. It is recommended that pure denatured alcohol or methylated spirits be used in the burner. La Sorrentina Coffee Online also offers more convenient butane gas burners which can easily be refilled. Butane burners give more control over the heat during the brewing process and are highly recommended. Add one to your cart at checkout.

With care your siphon should perform perfectly for years. The machine comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty and spare parts are readily available from Ikon Exports and Sorrentina Coffee Online should they be required.

Watch a great technical siphon brewing instructional video HERE

Watch a Geeky but Brilliant siphon video

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