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BELLMAN 18/10 Stainless Steel Stovetop Milk Frother/Steamer making Coffee CX25S


New Improved Model: upgraded steam wand with two hole hexagonal tip, larger knobs, and upgraded heavier duty steel parts. The machine pictured is the old model but you will receive the latest improved machine: guaranteed!


This unit is intended for use on gas and electric stove tops and enable the user to easily froth milk for coffee and hot chocolate type drinks. Very simple to use and made of heavy duty 18/10 INOX stainless steel and heat resistant bakelite plastic it will continue to froth milk year after year. The machine holds a lareg volume of water so can produce enough steam for any number of coffees. An ideal addition to your coffee making equipment: perfect for use with portable espresso making devices.

This machine is based on an Italian design from the 1960’s.

Ideal unit to use alongside a Moka pot or other manual coffee brewing device.