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Bellman CX-25, CX-25P and Vesubio/Calandra TAMPER

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 This is a specialty tamper for Bellman CX-25 and CX-25P coffee makers. It is also suitable for for vintage Benjamin and Medwin,  Elebak, Vesubio, etc type stovetop coffee makers. These machines look very similar to the Bellman coffee makers and in most case use interchangeable parts. The flat face of the tamper measures 70mm. If you are unsure about your coffee maker please send us an email before you make a purchase. Ordinary tampers cannot be used with these types of coffee makers as they do not have a hole in the tamper face to accommodate the shaft that runs through the Bellman type baskets.

The Bellman type coffee makers do not require as firm a tamp as espresso machines. If you use very finely ground coffee you should not tamp as hard as you would with an espresso machine. However these tampers enable you to quickly flatten, smooth and lightly tamp the coffee into the basket in just seconds. Coffee that is coarsely ground can be tamped down with greater force. To make the best coffee it is important to find the correct balance between these variables.

You should never tamp so hard that the water cannot flow through the coffee grounds. If the pressure release valve on your coffee maker releases steam - this indicates that you have tamped the coffee too hard and/or used powdery coffee. Try again with a lighter tamp and/or coarser coffee.