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Bellman Pressure Guage for Thos. (Thomas) Cara, LTD. DELUXE Atomic Coffee Maker Horizontal Type

Sold Out!

This is a replacement pressure gauge for the USA Thos. Cara, S.Francisco labeled vintage Atomic coffee makers. Thomas Cara apparently sold the machines with the pressure gauge as a ‘deluxe’ model. Most collectors agree the gauge ruins the perfect lines of the Atomic- and drilling straight through the label wasn’t too nice either… However they do lend a sci-fi techno geek element to the machine... The gauges fitted to these ‘deluxe atomics were not very good quality and have often failed with time. This Italian made gauge is a perfect fit for a replacement. It is very similar to the original pressure gauge- identical proportions and thread. They have a nice white face- with glass window.  Although it reads up to six BAR - you should never try and run your machine anywhere near this pressure. In any case the safety release in the back of the black knob should vent steam below 2BAR and around 1 to 1.5 is all should aim for when brewing coffee and frothing milk. Atomic machine are not designed to brew at the high pressures of modern espresso machines. 


  Simply remove the old gauge and this one will screw straight in. Use a little plumbers tape to get a perfect seal.