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Bellman Stainless Stove Top Coffee Maker CX25P VERSION 2.0

Sold Out!

NEW Improved Model: Now has new steam arm nozzle with two holes, and a hexagonal profile for easier removal for cleaning. This new nozzle makes frothing milk easier than ever and is a big improvement. There are other subtle upgrades to the quality of the parts: larger knobs for a better grip, thicker steel used for the coffee basket and reducer. The pictures here are of the original model but you will receive the upgraded and improved model.

 A high quality 18/10 stainless steel stove top coffee maker with Pressure gauge and frothing wand. The Bellman’s Retro styling derives from a long line of stovetop machines- once known as the “Vesubio” it has undergone various transformations over time and appeared under the various names of Elebak, Via Veneto and Benjamin & Medwin. It produces quality espresso just like a good Italian stove-top ‘Moka’ pot, but most importantly, it also produces a strong jet of steam to froth and heat milk for cappuccinos, lattes, etc. The CX25P pressure gauge model on offer here is the very latest produced by Bellman and is a new innovation on this classic design.

When the gauge reads in the Green zone you are ready to make your espresso! Leave it until it just reaches the Yellow zone and you are ready to froth!

Using the included reducer the Bellman can easily and quickly produce from 2-9 cups of fine coffee at a time. The stainless steel and heat resistant Bakelite construction guarantee a long working life and the removable top makes cleaning the unit extremely simple.

This coffee maker has a superb clean industrial design look and will be an excellent addition to any modern kitchen…

Ideal for the home, camping and travel. The Bellman works well on gas and electric stove-tops.