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Black Safety/Water Knob for Atomic and Sorrentina Coffee Maker

Sold Out!

This is a brand new replica replacement knob for your vintage atomic coffee makers or moderna La Sorrentina machines. Will fit on all the original Atomic machines sold in the UK, USA, South America, Australia and elsewhere. Absolutely Brand New this item is guaranteed for 12 months ~ or your money back. This item is very important for your machine: it contains the safety release valve. This valve is calibrated to the original specifications. You should periodically check/clean/service this part of your vintage Atomic style machine to ensure it is in good order- it should be replaced when worn (2-20 years depending on use). A few drops of olive oil help protect this part. The food-grade silicon rubber seal improves on the original black rubber seal found on vintage machines. The body is made from genuine heat resistant bakelite with high quality alloy thread.

The Atomic coffee machine came in well over 10 distinct variations over some 38 years. This part fits all the later models perfectly (1950-1986): Sassoon, La Cara, Lifeware, Sears, La Table, Sorrentina, etc. May not fit the Stella model c. 1948 (very rare) and may not fit the Indian made reproduction machines.