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CAFFEXPRESS Moka Pot Italy 1940's? Cast Alloy RARE Coffee Maker

Sold Out!

This is a very large (8 cup?) capacity stove-top coffee machine. It features an unusual design: the body is cast in alloy in a single piece- and the coffee basket is made of of two main parts that screw together. The basket is then clamped in place via a bakelite knob on the lid of the coffee machine. This coffee maker has a beautiful Patina of age- showing signs of use. However it is complete. The machine only needs a new seal to be used agian- you can try and source a silicon ring of the correct size- or make your own. After a good clean in Caffetto or similar the machine should work like new.

As is it is a very nice display piece, with a high quality finish and very nice reddish bakelite handle and clamp knob.

It is very large: you can compare it t the Atomic coffee maker pictured alongside.