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Zassenhaus SUPERB! Vintage Hand Grinder Wood GERMAN

Sold Out!

Zassenhaus have been making fabulous coffee grinders in Germany for over 100 years and continue to do so to this day.

The Grinder on offer here seems to date from the 1950’s – and is one of smaller grinders. It is called a ‘knee grinder’, as it is thin enough that you can grip it snugly between your knees whilst you grind. In use this is very handy and practical. It is also thin enough that you can hold it down with one hand on a bench while grinding.

This grinder has stepless grind adjustment accessed under the grinding burrs- and above the coffee drawer.

This Zassenhas is solidly built of beautiful wood, with a chromed metal top and wooden grind knob. The conical burr grinders are made of hardened steel and are in superb condition. We tested the mechanism and found it to be a very good grinder capable of grinding coffee very fine for espresso machines- or coarser for drip and percolator coffee. 

Grinding your coffee fresh is the most important step towards making good coffee and many a coffee expert will be quick to tell you that the grinder you use may be more important than the coffee machine. This is a perfect choice for travel or the home and a truly outstanding piece of craftsmanship. They simply do NOT make things like this these days. I have seen modern Zassenhaus grinders and whilst the quality is still excellent it is not as good as this one.


Cosmetically this grinder is in fine condition with only a few light marks and signs of use. One of the four screw that holds the top of the grinder in place is missing- however this does not affect the function of the grinder and it is still sturdy. There are some marks and pitting visible on the chrome top.