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Emerald Green Bakelite Repair Kit for Atomic Type Coffee Makers- 4 pieces! Stunning...

Sold Out!

This is a brand new complete set of La Sorrentina™ ® Brand Emerald Green genuine Bakelite parts. This kit is also suitable for Italian made Atomics (Brevetti Robbiati). Basically if your Atomic machine looks like just like the one pictured here- then all these parts should fit perfectly. In the mid 1980’s some very rare Italian atomics were sold in New York with this emerald green Bakelite: La Sorrentina is proud to make htis colour available again.

However some or all of these parts may not fit early Stella (Austria), Qalital(Hungary) and Sassoon(UK) manufactured atomic coffee machines. If your machine is marked with any of these makers marks then email us before purchasing. These parts will not fit the badly made Indian Atomics. Also some late production Italian made Atomics sold in the 80’s had a larger bolt where the bakelite coffee handle screws into the alloy part- check your machine closely before buying to ensure that this handle will fit.

Please email us before buying if you are unsure.

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