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Filter Basket Reducer for Bellman, Vesuviana, Vesubio, Via Veneto, Elebak, Benjamin & Medwin Coffee Makers


Here is a reducer for the filter baskets of Bellman CX25 and CX25P Stove Top Coffee Makers. This reducer can be placed in the grinds basket- and depending on which way up you place it- it reduces the size of the basket for 2 or 4 cups. Leave it out for 6. This part is often lost and is a perfect replacements for a whole range of Italian made coffee machines dating back to the 1950’s. Via Veneto, Benjamin & Medwin, Vesubio, Elebak and Vesuviana. If you are looking for that rare part to get your old Italian machine working again: this could be just what you are after.

If you are unsure if this part will fit your machine please email us and if possible send a picture of the machine in question. If your machine looks something like the ones below- chances are this reducer will be a perfect fit (not suitable for the orange Calandra coffee machine pictured).