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La Sorrentina & Atomic Coffee Seal Kit: 3 pieces

Sold Out!

This is a set of 3 replacement Silicon seals suitable for modern Sorrentina coffee makers and the vast majority of vintage Italian made Atomic type coffee machines. These seals are made from high quality food grade silicon and will last for many years.

This seals included are: Main head seal, black water knob seal and the small seal from inside the safety valve of the black water knob.

Replacing these seals should improve the performance of vintage Atomics – a perfect seal is the start of making a perfect cup of coffee.

These seals will fit the following models: La Sorrentina, La Table, La Cara, Sears Roebuck, Brevetti Robbiati Milan, Sassoon, Bon Trading, Lifeware and more. These seals may not be suitable for very early Stella and Qalital machines made in Austria and Hungary. Please email us before buying if you are unsure of your model.