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La Sorrentina Atomic Coffee Steam Arm Assembly Parts

Sold Out!

This is a La Sorrentina brand “Steam Arm Assembly Set”. The Steam Arm will fit on most vintage Atomic type coffee makers as a perfect replacement. It has some improvements over the traditional Atomic type steam arms: the frothing nozzle has four holes and can be removed for cleaning. The valve has an improved seal system that uses less seals- which are more easy to replace than original atomic type seals. All seals are made of food grade silicon rather than the rubber and paper of the vintage machine.

This part is a specialist piece and rarely needs replacing: if you are considering purchasing it to restore your vintage atomic: please email us first. Replacing it is a little more difficult than most atomic restoration jobs. However with guidance it is quite easy.

This Set should fit all the following vintage atomic machines: La Sorrentina, La Cara, Bon Trading, Brevetti Robiatti Milan, Lifeware, Sears Roebuck, La Cucina and more. May not be suitable for early Sassoon, Qalital and Stella machines. Please email us if you are unsure: if you can send photos of your machine this will help us identify the suitability.