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La Sorrentina TAMPER 44.5mm Sama/Ponte Vecchio/Brunella/Peppina


 Here is a great little tamper in a very hard to find size: 44.5mm. The base is made of polished aluminum and the handle is lathe turned natural wood. For its size it has a reasonable weight at 94 grams. The light toned wood has different grain marks on each tamper so what you get may look slightly different than those pictured here. If you like a darker look you could stain the wood handle. These tampers are simple but very well made and quite attractive.


This Tamper is suitable for the small baskets found on modern Ponte Vecchio (Export and Lusso) lever espresso machines, and vintage Bruni Brunella, and FE-AR La Peppina lever espresso machines. It is suitable for all machines with basket sizes from 44 to 45mm.


It also fits some SAMA lever machines (be sure to meaure your basket- some Sama machines have a larger 49mm basket).