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Bakelite Boiler Lid Knob Part For Bellman, Vesuviana, Vesubio, Via Veneto, Elebak, Benjamin & Medwin, Calandra Coffee Maker


Here is a replacement boiler lid knob for the Bellman CX25 and CX25P Stove Top Coffee Maker. This is also a perfect replacement part for a whole range of Italian made coffee machines dating back to the 1950’s: Via Veneto, Benjamin & Medwin, Vesubio, Elebak, Vesuviana and the Electric Calandra machines all have identical lid parts. Made of quality Bakelite. If you are looking for that rare part to get your old Italian machine working again: this could be just what you are after.

If you are unsure if this part will fit your machine please email us and if possible send a picture of the coffee maker in question. If it looks something like the ones below- chances are this knob will be a perfect fit.