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New Bakelite Jug Handle for Atomic and Sorrentina Coffee Machine


This is a brand new black Bakelite jug handle for your Sorrentina and vintage Atomic coffee makers. This is a perfect replica of the most common Atomic type jug handle. Will fit on most standard jugs- may not fit direct to very old rare jug deigns (small jug, non frother models c. 1949, Stella, Qalital) or the Indian made Atomic reproduction machines. Also included are the two stainless nuts to attach the handle. Absolutely New La Sorrentina brand part.

NOTE: This part has a tiny ‘nub’ on the face that meets the jug. This nub was used on early/mid period Atomic jugs and modern La Sorrentina jugs. Later Atomic jugs do not have a corresponding ‘divet’ on the jug. In this case to ensure a perfect fit- simply remove the ‘nub’ carefully with a sharp blade before attaching the replacement handle.

The Atomic type coffee machine came in over 10 variations over 38 years. This part fits the vast majority of machines- please email us if you are unsure of your model.

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