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New Filter Plate and Brass Screws for Atomic and Sorrentina Coffee Machines

Sold Out!

This is a new exact filter plate for the head of an Atomic type coffee machine. Also included are 4 brass screws- two long and two short (these screws will fit the majority of vintage Atomic machines- however the thread and screw length varied over time and in some cases these screws may not fit your machine. Alternate screws can be found at fastener/hardware outlets). The filter plate can be worn out on older Atomics and replacing it will improve performance. Brass screws are much better than the steel ones which can rust and jam.

Have a look in our store for more rare replacement parts suitable for vintage Atomics. We are happy to answer any questions about your machine and enquiries about repair work.

The Atomic coffee machine came in well over 10 variations over 38 years. This part fits most machines- may not fit on Stella, Qalital and Indian made repro machines (email us if you are unsure).

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