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New Red Knob/Brass Rod for Atomic & Sorrentina Coffee Machine

Sold Out!

This is a brand new replica red bakelite knob with special brass rod for your vintage Italian made Atomic coffee makers. This is a “steam increasing” special handle part found mostly on “La Cara” and vintage “La Sorrentina” brand Atomic machines (sold mostly in the USA: 1960-1985). This brass rod and ball slots into the special handles on these machines (see image- the coffee handle not included). It is intended to increase the pressure for milk frothing. The brass rod should be inserted AFTER the coffee is brewed – it does not work well at increasing brew pressure.

This rod/knob assembly will replace your lost one perfectly- it is unavailable anywhere else. Absolutely New La Sorrentina brand part- guaranteed perfect or you money back.

Have a look in our shop for more rare atomic replacement parts. We are happy to answer any questions about your machine and repair work or to hear any news or stories about these wonderful old coffee machines.

The Atomic coffee machine came in well over 10 variations over 38 years. This part fits all machines that have the extra red knob on the special group handle.

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