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PRESSO Powerless Espresso Coffee Machine

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The award winning powerless espresso machine.

Simply fill the superbly made portafilter/coffee handle with fresh ground coffee. Tamp it down with the included tamper/spoon and clamp to the machine. Pour a little boiling water from a kettle into the top of the Presso. Raise the arms. Allow the water to infuse with the coffee for a few seconds then firmly lower the arms. As the pressure builds the Presso produces rich, creamy shots or pure Italian Espresso- with plenty of real crema- just like a commercial cafe machine.

You can heat milk in a pan (or microwave) and froth it with the included milk frother, or enjoy your espresso black and pure. Another favorite in summer is espresso, icy cold milk, crushed ice or a ball of ice-cream: make your own delicious iced coffee.

The Presso brings the fun back into coffee- and is very easy to use. Clean up is also a breeze. Ideal for the home- or for travel. All you need to make espresso is boiling water and fresh ground coffee- no electricity required.

This is a complete package: you get one Presso machine, spoon/tamper, chromed portafilter and stainless steel basket, a two cup adaptor for the portafilter- and the brilliant little Presso milk frother.

The striking design of the Presso derives from an Italian classic lever machine that used the same principle, “The Faemina Baby Crema”. The Baby Crema was a superb Atomic age coffee machine but tricky to operate. The Presso machine solved the problems of the Baby with the addition of an ingenious valve system that allows hot water to be poured easily into the top of the machine. This valve also increase the length of the piston chamber meaning the Presso can produce between 5 and 10 BAR of pressure- more than enough to make cafe quality espresso shots.