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Sold Out!

Patented by Giordano Robbiati of Milan around 1947 the Atomic is an absolute modernist ‘organic’ design classic: and it also makes very good coffee!

Here is a  vintage atomic coffee machine from the private Ikon Exports collection. This machine is an Italian made Atomic. It dates from the mid 1970's when painted  ATOMICS were produced by the Giordano Robbiati  in Italy.This machines has the most desirable and attractive Atomic logo badge on the top of the machine featuring the words "ATOMIC Brevetti Robbiati Milan Made it Italy". The outline of the words forms the outline of an Atomic mushroom cloud.  

As you can see in the images the badge is in very good condition with no damage or marks. Often these badges are badly worn or even missing. The orange (brownish orange really) paint is also in very good condition: it is very complete except where the jug sits where some paint has worn away. This is completely normal and quite minimal. The condition of the paint suggests  that the machine has not been used much- if at at all. Indeed the head of the coffee machine is so clean I do not think this was ever used. A new seal has been fitted in the head: the filter plate is perfect and the two screws that hold it in place are also perfect with no corrosion or rust. This ATOMIC features another rare feature: it has a brass rod with a red bakelite ball threaded into the portafilter handle. This rare addition enables the user to create better pressure for steaming milk after the have made coffee. It also adds a lot of visual interest to the machine and is a very nice extra touch.  


The Atomic comes with the original black water knob and large alloy filter basket, and new replacement knob,  coffee jug, a spare set of seals, and imporved stainless steel filter basket.

This machine has been cleaned and prepared for use- though given its rarity it would be ideal for a collection or display.

Ikon Export’s offers a 100% Guarantee: the machine body is an original Robbiati coffee maker (with modern replacement parts), and is made in Italy, circa 1975. Design registered and patented by Giordano Robbiati of Milan, 1947.