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Replacement Stainless Steel Spring Filter for Coffee Syphon/Vac Pot + 5 Filter Cloth Hario Type


This filter will fit many common coffee syphons: Hario, Yama, Bellina, Cona, Kona, etc. Email us if you are unsure about your coffee syphon. If you have a very large syphon you can easily stretch the spring a bit to make it fit. Comes with one packet of 5 quality filter cloths. This is a well made filter- heavy stainless steel. It uses the Hario type filter cloths with a hole in the center (not the drawstring type) and comes with 5 quality filter cloths. Very easy to change filters, just unscrew the holder and insert the new filter. Trim off the excess cloth.

It is handy to have a spare filter like this so you can make consecutive syphon brews without having to clean the original filter. This filter can also be used in older syphons that had glass filter rods- the cloth filter makes stirring the grinds easier, is unbreakable, and you can use a finer grind of coffee.