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SINGFLO Bottled Water Pump for Espresso Machine (Lever and Pump)


 This pump can be used to supply espresso machines with bottled water from standard water fountain bottles (can also be used with many types of water container).  This is a good solution for espresso machines (pump of lever operated) that require water at mains pressure to fill the boiler in applications where mains water is not available. The 220/240v pump can be used with both manual and auto-fill machines as well as supplying water for refrigerator ice makers, etc. (in fact you could use one pump for multiple drinking water requirements in the kitchen with the use of standard T junction fittings). It could also be used in conjunction with a water filter and storage tank system. Suitable for mobile espresso applications where there is power.


Float switch for automatic shut-off when bottle is empty.

Built-in check valve to prevent back flow.

Universal seal cap fits most water containers.

Compact size for easy mounting.

20' discharge hose included.

Easy installed.


Voltage           230 Volts AC

Cycle             50/60 Hz. for AC models

Current          230 Volt                0.25 Amps. Max.

Maximum Flow        1.0 GPM (3.8 l /min.)

Maximum Pressure      40 PSI (2.8 bar)

The pump itself is roughly the size of a regular brick, (a little thinner. shorter and wider) and is very solidly made. It can be wall mounted with two large eyelets or used flat with four silicon feet.  In operation it runs smoothly, activating only when water is drawn. It comes complete with Australian plug with 5 foot cable, a length of high pressure hose, instructions in English and a refrigerator water connection adapter nut.

Available with one water bottle hose or two - please select your preference at checkout. The two bottle pump can be used for one bottle only by installing a tap in the second water bottle hose.