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Stainless Steel SUPER Brew Basket/Filter for ATOMIC and La Sorrentina 2/4 Cup. MUST HAVE!

Sold Out!

We are very happy to be offering these new high quality Stainless Steel filter baskets. They will fit almost all vintage Atomic coffee machines and modern La Sorrentina machines.

These baskets have smaller holes than the traditional atomic ‘star’ type alloy baskets. This means that getting good steam pressure and really great coffee- is now easier than ever. A finer grind of coffee can be used with these baskets. Using them makes getting the beloved Crema with your espresso shots simpler than ever before. We now use these baskets all the time and love them- we feel sure you will too.

This is a large 2 to 4 cup basket- for smaller amounts of coffee just tamp the basket half full (if you don’t have a tamper- the back of a spoon or similar can be used).

These Baskets really are a MUST HAVE for your vintage Atomic coffee machine: grab one now!

This part will fit La Sorrentina, La Cara, Bon Trading, Sears Roebuck, Qalital, Stella, Sassoon and other vintage Atomic machines. There may be some very early models that it will not fit. Please email us if you are unsure about your machine: chances are it will be a perfect match!