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Syphon Bar 3 GLASS STAND Acrylic- For cafe/bar


 We had these specially made up in a limited run. This simple and elegant device hold three syphon tops ready to be used. There is also a slot on the side where you can store your mixing spoon/paddles. This is ideal for a cafe running a syphon bar- you can have three clean syphon tops waiting with filters installed- as soon as you get an order you can use one. The syphon bottoms can be simply rinsed between brews whilst the tops need a bit more work to clean. In Asia where larger syphon bars are common they have rows of tops ready to be used.

This holder can be used with most syphon brands- it is pictured here holding three different types of Bellina syphon tops. Can be used with Hario, Yama, Kona and more. If you are unsure about your syphons email us before purchasing.