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Vintage Cast Iron Coffee Grinder USA No.0 Enterprise Philadlphia


This is a very old American made cast iron conical burr coffee grinder. As you can see it shows its age with some of the black paint worn away. This grinder can be easily mounted on a bench with the clamp. The Enterprise company in the USA manufactured a wide range of cast iron coffee grinders over many years the Model 0 seems to date to around 1890. As you can see it is superbly made out of quality materials and was certainly built the last. The last 100 years only marked the paint- it could easily be grinding coffee in the year 2100 at this rate. The grinder has not been cleaned and is in original antique condition. All moving parts move freely and the grinder is complete and undamaged. The grind size can be adjusted via a set screw on the lever arm and the grinding burrs are made of cast steel.

Superb piece of kitchenalia for that country style kitchen and a genuine antique. This grinder came out of an old farm house in South Australia and was probably imported to Australia in the 1890's.