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Wood Hand Grinder VINTAGE West GERMAN 1950's?


This is an interesting vintage German coffee grinder. It is larger than the more common 'knee' grinders, and whilst it does not have a makers brand mark on it- it is very well made out of quality timber and metal parts. The burrs are forged steel.  The metal top of the grinder is very well made with a smooth door.

Cosmetically this grinder is in very fine condition for its age showing only light signs of use. It has been basically cleaned and tested. It grinds very well- with powerful burrs- and grinds from fine to course without any problems. Ideal for use with espresso machines as well as plungers, percolators, etc.

Any coffee you make is only as good as the beans you use- and nothing is more important than grinding fresh beans immediately before they are used. This is a perfect grinder for travel. Buying beans whole is also cheaper. If you want to make the tastiest coffee you can: get a grinder and grind fresh!

This grinder is medium sized and grinds quite fast.