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ZASSENHAUS German Vintage Wooden Coffee Grinder Vintage 1940'S/50'S

Sold Out!

This is a superb old German made coffee grinder from one of the best know quality manufacturers: Zassenhaus. It has been cleaned and tested. I would guess that this grinder dates from the 1940’s, possibly a little later.

It has a very nice set of sharp burrs, and after cleaning I found that it grinds very well. You don’t need to turn the handle many turns, and the machine can grind fine or coarse. Ideal for espresso or for syphon. The grind setting is stepless offering infinite grind sizes. This would make a good grinder for espresso machines as the particle size can be very small and is consistent. In addition it is one of the most powerful grinders of this type I have tested and the entire grinding mechanism is very smooth

Cosmetically there is a little light marks on the chrome and wood. This only adds a charming rustic patina of age and authenticity to the object…The grinder is quite large for a hand grinder- and made from lovely wood. Perfect for traveling or the home. Any coffee enthusiast will tell you: to make the best coffee you must grind your own beans and use them fresh. Indeed some say the grinder is more important than the coffee machine… This grinder will not disappoint, it has been tested and is in great working condition.

There may be a few grains in the grinder when you receive it- these are from testing. Simply grind a small amount of beans and discard to clean the mechanism.